Solid Gold Vintage Antique Modern Jewelry

We are first and foremost for SOLID GOLD fanatics. We are not fans of fake, plated, filled and disposable. We lean more on the weird and unusual. The stuff that’ll last a lifetime.

We are for all atypical girls - fierce urban babes with great style.

  • Love

    We've got a major crush on jewelry, and our LOVE for it shines brighter than disco balls on a Saturday night! From gemstones to funky vintage styles, we've got love for every piece we curate.

  • Friendship

    Let's be BFFs! Our company is built on FRIENDSHIP and we are all about creating a tribe where everyone feels like they belong. Laughs, good times, and jewelry adventures await!

  • Loyalty

    Stick with us, and you've got LOYAL jewelry partners for life! We'll curate rad vintage finds and give you top-notch service. Consider us your jewelry ride-or-dies!