Meet The Founders!


We are first and foremost for SOLID GOLD fanatics. We are not fans of fake, plated, filled and disposable. We lean more on the weird and unusual. The stuff that’ll last a lifetime. And we appreciate old gold for what it offers - way better craftsmanship and design than contemporary fine jewelry at this price point.

We are for all atypical girls - fierce urban babes with great style, mod girls, scene in between girls, rockabilly girls, northern soul, shoe gazers, rat girls, post punk, charity shop, playgirl and playboy bunnies, queer girls, new wave, post wave, no wave, grunge, riot grrrls, indie rocker yoofs, women who refuse to be silenced, diy, feminist, garage rockers, jingle jangle, hipster girls, vintage cowgirl girlies, dice girlies, tattoo collectors, biker babes, roller gals, funky initial charm hoarders, zodiac fanatics, snake and hand jewelry obsessives, puffy heart lovers.

CNOJ was born accidentally and on a whim when Hanna sent Maria a post by a vintage gold IG community seller that was overflowing with rare and unique vintage pendants unlike any she’s seen before. She instantly said - I want to do that! And before we knew it, we were digging in a scrap pile of real gold destined for the melter finding insane shit.

We are Maria and Hanna. For the past 20 years, we have styled some of the biggest stars in film and television. We first met on the HBO set of The Deuce. We bonded instantly over music, fashion and love for gold jewelry.

Cool waits for no one!

You can hoard your gold. Just don’t hoard basic gold!

Our pendant collection is a celebration of your great style.

Go on with your bad self and embrace fine jewelry that’s meant for the weirdos.